Basic IMGFUEL Features That Make Your Picture Good And Worth Uploading

With the rise of social media, people felt the need to upload pictures for various purposes and reasons. Whether they want to share their activities with their family and friends or just want to update their profile picture. There is a certain satisfaction that they’d feel when uploading a photo, so having a decent one is second to none. Unless you don’t care about the image quality, consider enhancing your photos and make them worthy of Facebook’s "love" reaction.

There is a lot of editing software available out there that you can use, but those most likely come with a fee. Some people even pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to have it. Little did they know, there’s an online software they can use that requires nothing but time to explore - the IMGFuel.

What is IMGFuel?

IMGFuel is an online editing tool that allows you to enhance your image and manipulate its size and format. With its over 15 functions, you will enjoy transforming your image in the most creative way. The IMGFuel lets you resize or crop images, edit, compress, or convert images according to your desire. It also provides hosting capabilities for all the image formats it supports. The best part is that you can use it for free so you don’t have to pay for an editing tool that does the same thing, if not less.

Since IMGFuel is a SaaS (Software as a Service) website, you don’t have to install anything. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser then you’re good to go.

Basic IMGFuel Features

There are several things you can do to improve your image and make people notice. Here are some of the IMGFuel features that you’ll look forward to using.

Resize for All The Right Reasons

If you’ve ever taken a photo using a professional camera, you’d notice that the resolution is high. It would have a size big enough to fit on a canvas that you can still spot even at a great distance. Although it is what most people prefer, having a high-resolution image can sometimes have a downside. Assuming that photo didn’t undergo compression (more of this later), the file would weigh heavier, taking a long time to upload. What you can do to fix this is to reduce the resolution by resizing the image.

Resizing is altering the size, mostly to reduce, without cutting out any part of the image. This helps you in ensuring that your image fits within the constraint of its webpage placement. You can make the image larger, but it is not advisable since it would deteriorate the image quality. If you don’t know how to resize an image, IMGFuel will help you.

IMGFuel provides a ‘Resize Image’ function that allows you to resize an image without compromising the quality. It is a simple process since you only need to upload an image and choose whether to refine scaling by pixel or percentage. You can state your desired resolution in the pixel option or you can reduce it to 25, 50, and 75 percent otherwise.

Crop Without Limitations

Have you ever taken a nice photo on your trip and realize later that there was a photo bomber? How about asking a friend to take a photo of you only to find out that there are unnecessary elements on the edges? You can either ignore or fix it, especially when you’re going to upload it on any platform. Worry not, because these are the kinds of problems that only require a little cropping.

Unlike when you’re resizing an image, you don’t only reduce the size when cropping. It requires cutting off a portion of your image to have better framing. It helps you adjust the frame to draw the viewer’s attention to a certain area for greater impact. While you can do this using the alternatives, you’d have to jump through too many hoops to get it done. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to crop image online.

With IMGFuel’s ‘Crop Image’ feature, you will no longer worry about your image’s perfection because cropping is simpler. There are different aspect ratios to choose from so you can crop your image in fixed dimensions. You can also crop freely so you can decide how much you want to keep from your image. IMGFuel can also support cropping multiple images, making it more convenient for you.

Edit However You Like

If you’re someone who expresses creativity in photos, there are editing softwares available that you can use. Some need a membership fee, while some are free but can take a long time to install. You may think that it’s okay, but what if you need to do it right away, say, a birthday greeting for a colleague? There’s no fun with a plain photo, is there? You’d want to add something that the celebrant would appreciate more rather than only his photo.

The fun doesn’t stop with IMGFuel as it offers multiple editing functions that you’ll surely like. It has a Photo Editor feature that gives anyone the freedom to edit an image carefree and quick. With this tool, you can add text, frames, and even special effects to create a unique design for your image. It also allows you to draw on your image to add a more personal touch. If your camera saves a flipped selfie, you can also use the transform tool that allows you to flip as well as rotate an image.

There’s no need to install any software and wait for a few minutes, or sometimes hours, to edit your image. Just browse on the IMGFuel features and unleash the creativity in you. So much for convenience, right?

Compress Without Losing Quality

You might have experienced attaching multiple files on an email and finding out that the files are too large. This can sometimes frustrate you as you’d resort to sending images one by one. It happens because high-resolution images have a higher file size which the system cannot support. This is not always the case, though, since some images can undergo compression.

When you do an image compress, you reduce the file size while maintaining the resolution of the image. With this, you can have a file that is not as heavy as the original, while retaining the image quality. This can prevent you from receiving a message that your files are too large to be attached. This can also help with the upload speed since it has a reduced size. Considering its size, compressed images would also load faster on any website when you view it.

Finding a tool to compress images is challenging, but look no further because IMGFuel offers this feature. With IMGFuel’s image compressor tool, you can reduce the size of your image by up to 99%. Its compressing technology has mastered compression without sacrificing the image quality. You may choose to compress with your desired quality or let IMGFuel decide what’s best. You may also save the image you compressed in either PNG or JPG format.

Convert to Any Supported Format

Every graphic you see online, say, on Facebook, Twitter, or any website is an image file that you can classify in different formats. Each image format has a specific purpose, so it is important to know which file format you need. There are some file formats that you can download, but for some reason, you can’t open them. This happens when your device doesn’t support the file format, so you have to convert it into something that it supports.

Fortunately, IMGFuel offers a lot of image conversion tools that you can use to suffice your needs. It allows you to convert any image file format into something that your device supports. The file formats it supports include JPG, TIFF, RAW, PNG, and many more. Aside from Image to Image conversion, you can also convert JPG files into an animated GIF using IMGFuel tools. It also supports Image to Document conversion and vice versa, so there are a lot of things you can do.

IMGFuel Security

It is okay to think about your safety, but worry not, because this is one of the safest online editing tools you could use. IMGFuel assures you that your files are 100% secured because your privacy is the top priority. It guarantees to remove original files permanently from the servers once you’re done and not use them for other purposes. With this, you will not have to worry about random people having your photos, so everything you do with IMGFuel is safe.


Whether you are a professional or amateur editor, IMGFuel is surely one of the best online editing tools you could use. From resizing images with ease to cropping images without a hiccup, you’ll never run out of things to do. With the endless amount of excellent features it offers, this is worth exploring. Not only will it help you create a good photo, but it will also save you from buying things you can get for free. So, prepare your images because you will not mind editing the entire day with IMGFuel.