IMGFuel Helps Webmasters Out

It might seem uploading images on social media galleries like on Facebook and Instagram would be the best place for uploading, sharing, and storing images. But before the advent of such features and their prominence on social media, image hosting sites like Photobucket and Flickr have already been dominating the web. These software as a service (SaaS) websites are offering different image hosting features and services to digital netizens with distinctions on how many files are being uploaded and the reason for uploading them.

Image hosting is a common online service. And it is not a common issue that such services create some problems such as security and sizes. In addition, hosting images can be a costly affair if pictures have not been optimized properly or been compressed. Thus, the rise of cost-efficient and friendly SaaS like IMGFuel.

IMGFuel is a collective system and service that provides tools to anyone who wants to resize, crop, edit, or compress their images. It is a service that helps webmasters and especially websites that host a large array of images.

IMGFuel has more than 15 different functions to meet any user’s needs, and the best part, they’re all for free! Among the many features and tasks it can do, IMGFuel specializes in helping webmasters through the following services:

- Convert PNG to ICO for your desktop or website.
- Got the wrong format? Converting your image to another format has never been easier.
- Compress images in just a few clicks.

Convert Images From PNG To Icon

While PNG is one of the commonly used file formats for uploading images online, there are purposes where PNG is not the preferable and suitable file format to work with. A website, for example, needs to have an icon, one that is displayed on the title bar of the web browser. You would be surprised to know that there is a specific file format needed to display an icon on the title bar of a web browser window.

This file format is known as ICO. By definition, ICO is a graphics format used for storing all types of icons on Windows-based systems. Mac uses a similar system but it is commonly referred to as ICSN.

As mentioned above, PNG is one of the commonly used file formats by web developers because PNG images retain the quality of the original photo and support transparency. But when you receive or download a file in PNG format and want to make an icon based on that image, resizing an image is not what you should keep in mind -- although IMGFuel has a guide on how to resize an image. Users may find IMGFuel supports many other image formats to get your picture changed to an ICO.

If you’re looking for free image converter options on the internet, IMGFuel does it for you. Convert your PNG to ICO in just a few clicks. In fact, IMGFuel supports many other image formats to get your picture changed to an ICO.

Change Image Extension

It becomes arduous for developers when they receive a JPG file but they need it in a PNG format. If you are this developer, what do you normally do? We bet 99% of developers would start looking for an image converter online. And often, they would find expensive options.

Changing file extensions is similar to converting a metric system to another. Some file extensions should be converted to other file types before you can convert to it the one you are looking for because direct conversion is just not possible.

IMGFuel offers a fast, easy, and free image conversion service for that matter. It also helps you convert image formats without, if any, minimal loss to the image quality. The power is in your hands as a webmaster to find what format you want your image to be rendered in.

Compress Images For Websites

Compressing images for website use is quite important especially if you are trying to optimize your content. Image size can greatly affect the overall load time of a website and one consideration for Google to penalize a website is the amount of time it takes to load. An image size too big to load would often result in users leaving and never seeing the image or page they are trying to load.

Knowing that a large image size that is not compressed can cause a slow down in any website, webmasters resort to looking for a service to compress image. And this again may result in expensive options.

IMGFuel solves big image problems - fast, easy, and free. If you got a big PDF and your site needs to get optimized, IMGFuel will give you two formats you can work with: PNG or JPG.


Image hosting is one of the power tools needed by anyone working online -- whether it be publishing or design. Hosting an image makes a great deal in the overall design and optimization of a website. Plus, you get a good place to store, share, and publish your photos for online consumption.

Unless you have a very expensive image conversion software, you have come to the right place and are reading the right blog if you are looking for fast, easy, and free service.

IMGFuel offers a great deal when it comes to a webmaster's needs. IMGFuel gives webmasters the possibility to run a website and have their images compressed properly to save space and money. It offers a fast and easy tool for webmasters to utilize when they need a software to change their images to ICO. IMGFuel can also change an image format to another format, which is useful when you have image formats not recognized by other software, whether online or offline.

And finally, IMGFuel is a full online service that provides all the tools someone needs on the go and can't afford to access or buy. With a catch, it is 100% free.