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How to convert PNG to ICO

1. Drag and drop or upload the image you want to convert.

2. Change the size or apply color filter if needed in optional settings.

3. PNG image will be uploaded and will be scanned instantly.

4. It will convert to ICO and it is ready for download.

ICO customization

ICO images are commonly used by the Microsoft Windows operating system to display a picture that is used for a computer icon. Our ICO converter turns PNG to ICO in an extremely fast way.

Get PNG to ICO converted everywhere

You can convert PNG to ICO from home, work, and even when you are on vacation without any problem as long as you have an internet connection.

DPI Settings

Before downloading the image, you can set the DPI, or change the size of the image. Color filters are also available.

100% privacy security

All files that reach our servers are deleted after an hour. You can also delete your files immediately after a successful conversion.

Quality control

You do not have to worry about losing a huge amount of quality while converting PNG to ICO. We will not let this happen to our users. We will make sure image conversion is simple and fast while maintaining the image quality.

Accessible for all devices

To enhance your service experience, you can access to our ICO converter by using your phone, tablet, desktop computer or a computer at work.

ImgFuel's PNG to ICO converter is always here to help you. With our advanced technology, you can convert PNG to ICO online without much effort. No extra download or software installation is needed.
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