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How to resize an image

1. Press "Select Files" and select the image you want to resize. Alternatively, you can also Drag & Drop.

2. Users can resize their image either by pixels or by percentage.

3. After users pick their resize options, press "RESIZE IMAGE".

4. It may take a few seconds for the process to complete and your resized image will be available for download or share.

Best image Resize tool among our competitors

Our online image tool resizes images for free without losing quality of the file. If you don't know how to resize by pixels, then you can choose the percentage option. Our software is an excellent choice because of its ease of use, fast image resizing.

Permanently delete your file

After you have completed your task of resizing your images, we will permanently delete your files after an hour. This saves the cost of storing, but it also adds safety that your images will never end up in the wrong hands.

All Platforms Accessibility

With the image resize tool, you will never be able to miss out on resizing your image files. Our online image tools support different platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux so users can use it anytime, from anywhere.

Image Resizing for Email

Emails got limitations to how many pixels an image can be.By changing the actual size of the image it will comply with the restrictions set for an email client. Our image resize tool will not compromise the quality of your image file when resizing your image. Instead it uses sophisticated technology to reduce the size, and therefore let you share the image via email or the web in a fast pace.

Resize an image for social media

When uploading your images to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, your image's size might not fit the requirements and it will not produce the result that you want. This image resizing tool will however, solve the problems that persists on third party platforms.

Cloud for image Resizing

Our image resize tool is made in the cloud system. This means you can access it from anywhere around the world at any time to resize your image files. If you have access to a tablet, computer or smartphone, and an Internet connection, you can resize your image files on the go.

Resize by Pixel and you can choose the ideal size of your image in pixel and create your desired outcome. Resize by percentage you will leave the calculation to us. This is a free service that requires no prior experience.
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